Lets start off with a exciting presentation from Mix10, and by the way take the time to watch the entire presentation. You will see some cool stuff we promise.  VIDEO: Keynote Day 2

So how cool was that.. Now do not tell your friends about this secret link, http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive. You to can get a copy of the preview version of IE9 from the demos in the video and even run the same examples on your own system side-by-side with your current version of Internet Explorer.

We must warn you the preview is not going to be what you expect with respect to toolbars so please read TestDrive FAQ before you start thinking that there is something wrong.

There is one other very important note, if you are on Windows XP you will be very disappointed. Windows XP is not a supported operating system and from the looks of it IE9 is not even on the radar for Windows XP support. Sorry but it is time to move on and get Windows 7 up and running.

Now do not be afraid, just install the package. The Preview is going to run in a side-by-side, standalone, not going to take over your system, force you to reboot, etc… Now I have to say this is cool as well. Wait a second that has never happened in the history of Internet Explorer. If you read this twice it is not a typo, IE9 will install as a stand-alone package and yes you can run IE9 and IE8 at the same time. :-)

Wait a second how in the world can Internet Explorer be cool. If you watched the video you know the answer to the question. If you did not watch the video then go back and watch the video.

A couple other notes that bring to the surface.

IE9 loves your video card. That 1GB 64 GPU video adapter can get a work out with IE9.  Rendering, rendering, and did we at IE8BLOG.com mention rendering is fast.

Do you have an extra core not being used in your system when surfing, well never fear IE9 has this under utilized resource covered as well. How about IE9 compile the javascript code from the web pages you are loading on the fly on one of the processors in your quad-core HP that you purchased from Best Buy.

CSS standards, well this is a never ending story. Great news as well. Write one set of CSS and run that CSS on IE, FF, Chrome, Safari… Is this cool, you bet no more HACKS.

JSCRIPT performance, IE9 is FAST take a look if you do not believe us. Run the tests your self on our own system, http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive.

Now we are not promoting the installation of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari if you do not have them installed, remember you can compare the current version of IE you have installed against the side-by-side install of the IE9 preview. So, please do clutter up your system with other browsers unless you are a developer building multiple browser compatible web sites.

So get your preview of IE9 installed, use it, play around, load your favorite sites. If something does not work then report it via the Report Issue menu option.

If you are a Firefox Firebug person you need to load the Developer Tools from the menu. Even if you an IT Pro this tool is for you as well. You can now effectively show basic performance data from an end users machine to your developer via the Network tab.


Okay after you are done with the first video and tinkering with the preview dive into the a deeper look into IE9 with the following video from Mix10. VIDEO: In-Depth Look at Internet Explorer 9


Stay tuned for more, IE9 is going to really heat things up and we can not wait to see the public beta release.

5 Responses to Internet Explorer 9 – So how fast is fast. Let the performance wars begin.

  • Papio says:

    WoW that is so Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait.

  • marsel says:

    i have windows 7.i do not have ie8 or the big e on my computer

  • marsel says:

    how do i get ie8 on windows 7. there is no big e.

  • marsel says:

    every time i leave a comment ,i get a leave a reply.

  • admin says:

    marsel are you saying the Internet Explorer Icon is missing?

    You should be able to click on the Windows Button (start button)
    then type Internet Explorer
    in the search results you will see Internet Explorer
    – Right click on Internet Explorer and then click “Pin to Start Menu” then you should have no problem finding the icon in the future.

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